Royal Enfield Launches All-New Bullet 350 in India

On September 1, 2023, Royal Enfield kicked off the new month with the official launch of the brand-new Bullet 350 in India. Celebrating its nine decades as one of the most iconic motorcycles in the country, the launch paid homage to the model's rich heritage. Enfield asked fans across India to share their fond memories of riding Bullets in the past, and these memories played a significant role in the creation of the introduction film for the latest version of the Bullet.

The official tagline for the 2023 Bullet is "New heart. Same beat." Enfield has emphasized the distinctive sound of the bike's engine in its marketing, from social media teasers to the soundtrack of the launch video. The Bullet 350 is equipped with the same counterbalanced J-platform 350cc engine found in the Meteor 350, Classic 350, and Hunter 350.

Notable features of the Bullet 350 include dual-channel ABS, an improved single bench seat that offers better under-thigh support for all types of riding, and an elegant instrument cluster that combines analogue and digital gauges in a rounded triangular formation. The bike also includes a new USB port for convenient charging of devices, located on the left handlebar next to the clutch lever.

Enfield is currently accepting bookings for test rides in India and has provided pricing information for three different trim levels of the Bullet 350 in the Indian market. The Military Black and Military Red options, which come without pinstriping and feature a simple chrome exhaust, start at ₹ 173,562 (about $2,099) ex-showroom in Chennai. The Standard trim, available in Maroon or Black with gold pinstriping and chrome exhaust, starts at ₹ 197,436 (about $2,387). The most premium version, Black Gold, is priced at ₹ 215,801 (about $2,609). Please note that pricing may vary in different regions of India.

While pricing details have only been released for the Indian market, the Bullet 350 will eventually be available in other regions as well. For example, Royal Enfield UK has a signup page on its website for those interested in receiving updates about the availability of the 2023 Bullet 350 in the UK. At the time of writing, there is no signup page for the US market.

We will provide a link to the UK signup page in our Sources section and keep you informed as the Bullet 350 becomes available worldwide.