Electric Motor Conversion Kits for Off-Road Motorcycles

With the increasing regulations on noise and pollution, off-road motorcycling is facing more restrictions. Many motorcycle parks and motocross tracks have been forced to close due to noise complaints from nearby residential areas. However, electrification offers a promising future for off-road motorcycling.

In recent years, there have been exciting developments in electric motorcycles designed specifically for off-road use. Models like the Sur-Ron Lightbee and the Stark Varg have shown that riding trails and motocross tracks on an electric motorbike can be incredibly fun. Additionally, companies like Lizcat in Switzerland are retrofitting electric motors into existing motorcycle frames, offering a wide range of electric motor conversion kits.

Lizcat Electric Motor Conversion Kits

Lizcat offers a comprehensive range of electric motor conversion kits, starting with their smallest kit called the Leo. This kit can generate up to 25 horsepower and runs on a 2.3-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The battery can be charged using a standard 230-volt charging network. The complete set, ready for installation, is priced at 4,955 Swiss francs (approximately $5,600 USD). Installation is relatively simple and can be completed in just a few hours.

The second kit offered by Lizcat is called the Puma. It provides performance comparable to a 250cc four-stroke engine, delivering 38 horsepower and 35-pound-foot (70-Newton-meter) output. What sets it apart is the ability to customize power delivery, responsiveness, and engine braking independently, allowing riders to fine-tune the motor's performance to their preferences. The Puma's battery has a capacity of 4.1 kilowatt-hours, designed to last for an entire race distance. This kit is priced at 6,344 Swiss francs (approximately $7,168 USD).

The top-tier conversion kit from Lizcat is called the Cheetah. It is the most performance-focused package, priced at 8,500 Swiss francs (approximately $9,604 USD). The Cheetah offers an impressive 52 horsepower and features a water-cooled system for durability. Like the other kits, the battery is replaceable and has a generous capacity of five kilowatt-hours.