Italian Helmet Manufacturer Airoh Releases Special-Edition Helmet

Italian helmet manufacturer Airoh is well-known for its wide range of helmets catering to various riding disciplines. However, the brand is particularly renowned for its off-road and adventure helmets. In fact, Airoh is a major sponsor of the 2023 FIM International Six Days of Enduro, demonstrating its commitment to off-road riding.

To celebrate its sponsorship of the off-road racing series, Airoh has launched a special-edition helmet. This new helmet is based on the popular Aviator 3 model but features a unique design to honor the ISDE's return to South America. Named the Airoh Aviator 3 Six Days Argentina, it showcases graphics inspired by the flag of the South American country.

Like all limited edition releases, the Airoh Aviator 3 Six Days Argentina helmet will be available in limited quantities, with only 150 units set for global release. It comes with a hefty price tag of 1,139.99 Euros or approximately $1,222 USD. However, this high price reflects the helmet's cutting-edge technology. The shell is available in four sizes to ensure optimal fit and safety.

In addition to its unique design, the limited edition Aviator 3 Six Days Argentina helmet features a laser-printed serial production number. Each buyer will also receive a special "passport" with a serial number and signature. Furthermore, the helmet's packaging matches the Argentina-inspired color scheme, adding to its exclusivity.

To make the new design more accessible to riders, Airoh will also offer the Six Days of Enduro Argentina graphics on the WRAAP model. Unlike the Aviator 3 Six Days Argentina, this will not be a limited-edition model, making it more affordable and easier to obtain. Additionally, a special-edition pair of Scott International Six Days of Enduro goggles is available to complete the look.