Finding the Right Bike for Short Riders

Choosing the perfect bike can be a difficult task for anyone, but it can be even more challenging for short riders. However, it is not impossible. Short riders have to consider different factors compared to taller riders. For example, a 6'3" person with a 34-inch inseam won't face the same challenges as a 5'3" person with a 27-inch inseam. Each of us is built differently, so we need to approach riding in our own unique ways.

If you are a short rider, you have probably received unsolicited advice from random people while riding. Motovlogger Doodle on a Motorcycle, a woman who is on the smaller side, often receives comments about riding bigger and taller bikes. Some people have even told her that certain bikes are too big for her or that she shouldn't ride if she can't lift the bike.

What's inspiring about Doodle is that she turns these comments into challenges for herself. In a recent video, she shared her experience of wanting to incorporate strength training into her life. By setting a challenge for herself, she took steps towards achieving her goal.

After returning from a cross-country journey, Doodle realized that she wanted to improve her ability to lift her bike off the ground when it falls. Currently, she rides a Triumph Tiger 900, which was loaded with all the necessary gear for her trip. To address this, she decided to challenge herself to do 100 bike lifts a day for 30 days.

Lifting a bike requires both strength and strategy. Along the way, Doodle sought advice from experts who analyzed her form through videos. She consulted with adventure motorcycle instructor Jocelin Snow, a bodybuilding friend and cousin, and orthopedic rehab clinician Dr. Matt Tolstoy.

Everyone's fitness levels, strengths, weaknesses, heights, and bikes are different, so the approach will vary. Doodle realized that she was using her shoulders and arms more than her legs when lifting the bike. This led her to modify her strategy and focus on using her legs.

However, she encountered knee pain after a certain point in the challenge. To avoid causing long-lasting damage, she decided to consult her experts and adjust the challenge accordingly.

After completing the challenge, Doodle noticed a significant improvement in her ability to lift her bike. It has become much easier for her, and she is now confident in her ability to handle future dropped bikes during road trips.