Peugeot Motocycles Philippines Celebrates Release of XP400 Adventure Scooters

Peugeot Motocycles Philippines, a subsidiary of the French brand under the Motostrada group, recently held a special event to commemorate the launch of its first-ever batch of XP400 adventure scooters in the market. The XP400, which was introduced last year at EICMA 2022, is designed for versatility with its high ground clearance and powerful 400cc single-cylinder engine producing 36.7 horsepower. Whether navigating city streets, mountain roads, or trails, the XP400 is an ideal two-wheeled companion. Equipped with a 17-inch front wheel, a 15-inch rear wheel, and 140 millimeters of front suspension travel, the scooter is suitable for light off-road adventures. It also features twin discs with a dual-channel ABS system for reliable stopping power.

The XP400 is particularly well-suited for riders in Southeast Asian markets, including the Philippines. This model offers accessibility to both new and experienced riders in the country. Notably, the XP400 exceeds the 400cc limit imposed on motorcycles accessing expressways in the Philippines, making it a significant release for Peugeot Motocycles.

During the event, Motostrada, the distributor of Peugeot Motocycles in the Philippine market, announced that the first batch of 30 XP400 units has already been reserved. However, interested customers can join a waiting list for the second batch, expected to arrive in December 2023. Attendees of the event eagerly took their new adventure scooters home, eagerly awaiting the chance to hit the road.

Peugeot Motocycles Philippines is now accepting more orders and proudly states that the initial batch of XP400s in the Philippines marks the first release of bikes in the ASEAN region. This launch also represents the first activation of units outside of Europe.