It’s enjoyable to experiment with combining flavors, isn’t it? There are the traditional combinations, like banana and Nutella, peanut butter and jelly, or tuna salad and melted cheddar. Then there are the combinations that may not seem like they would work, but surprisingly do, like green grapes and hummus (trust me, and please try it sometime).

If there’s one thing that Grind Hard Plumbing Company is all about, it’s constructing whatever brings them joy. It doesn’t matter if it hasn't been done before, or if conventional wisdom suggests it's a terrible idea. To them, at least half of the fun seems to be in the planning and execution of the project. The end result is somewhat important, but it’s the journey and problem-solving along the way that truly make their builds special.

Some time ago, they created a unimog that ran on a set of four 46-inch (yes, you read that correctly) Mickey Thompson mud tires. It was powered by the V-twin engine from a KTM 1190 Adventure. As you can see at the beginning of this video, it turned out quite well. It looks absolutely crazy in the most delightful way—but of course, the best part is that it operates flawlessly.

However, when you're a group of friends who enjoy building things, you eventually find yourself repurposing your old creations into something new. That's the beauty of having a DIY mindset, whether you're building vehicles or something else. Sooner or later, you start envisioning new projects using your existing materials. After that, it's only a matter of time before you can't stop thinking about how that new and exciting project will turn out.

And so, GHPC's latest project will apparently be an off-road chopper that utilizes both the 1190 Adventure engine and two of those four 46-inch mudder tires. It will be a lengthy and involved process, requiring a lot of fabrication work. The latter half of this video is spent getting a general sense of the layout after salvaging the necessary components from the previous completed build.

The plan at this stage is for it to be a winter project, precisely because it will be so complex. How will it turn out? They anticipate that the handling will be challenging and may even consider incorporating power steering due to the difficulty of turning those tires. Mapping uncharted territory is part of the fun, though, right? Undoubtedly, this will be an intriguing build to keep an eye on.