YouTuber Lee Johnston Shares Recovery Journey After Horrific Motorcycle Crash

Whether you're a motorcycle racing fan or not, one thing is certain about motorcycle racers - they love what they do. British Superbikes, North West 200, and IOMTT winner Lee Johnston has been giving fans a rare glimpse into his recovery journey through his candid vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Prior to May 2023, Johnston was known as a highly skilled and experienced racer. He had numerous victories under his belt, including five wins at the North West 200, a win at the Isle of Man TT, and was leading the BSB championship. With almost two decades of racing experience, Johnston was at the top of his game.

Fast forward to September 2023, and Johnston is still all of those things. However, he has also shared with the world what happens when you have a devastating crash and how to recover from it. With the help of his partner, Christie, Johnston has created honest vlogs that showcase his family, team, and the unwavering support he has received throughout his racing career.

For those who may not be aware, Johnston suffered a serious crash during Supersport practice at the 2023 North West 200. Initially, it was reported that he had only suffered a broken leg and was not in critical condition. However, it was later revealed that his injuries were much more severe. In a vlog where he shares onboard footage of the crash, Johnston explains that even the medical staff didn't realize he had broken his left wrist until it had already started healing on its own. By that time, they had already been treating his other more serious injuries for days.

The crash occurred on May 11, 2023. On May 16, 2023, Johnston's family provided an update on his official Instagram page, revealing the extent of his injuries. He had suffered a broken femur, shoulder, foot, face, as well as multiple ribs and a collapsed lung due to the broken ribs.

In the vlog, Johnston shares x-rays that illustrate the severity of each injury. His foot required wiring, which had to be removed once it had healed to a certain point. His femur and shoulder were both treated with plates and screws. The broken ribs and collapsed lung resulted in serious internal bleeding.

In addition to the physical injuries, Johnston also discusses his lack of memory surrounding the crash and the first week after it. He spent a week in Intensive Care, in a coma, and on a ventilator. Multiple surgeries were necessary to address the extent of his injuries.

Despite the risks involved, racers like Johnston continue to pursue their passion because they love it. Johnston's love for racing remains unchanged, even after everything he has been through. If his body allows, he hopes to continue racing with his team, Ashcourt Racing, in 2024. However, he acknowledges that his shoulder may pose a challenge. Only time will tell how his body will react once he gets back on a bike.

In his most recent YouTube vlog, Johnston provides an update on his recovery progress since the crash. With the help of his caregivers and his own determination, he is slowly regaining his fitness. While his broken foot still causes discomfort, his femur is healing well. Through physiotherapy, he is working towards getting back into racing shape.

Ultimately, Johnston remains hopeful that he will be able to race again and be competitive. However, he understands that there are no guarantees. Like many riders who have experienced injuries, he knows that the true test will come when he is back in the saddle.

We at RideApart wish Johnston the best in his recovery and commend him and his family for sharing their journey. The support and love shown in these videos highlight the close-knit community found in racing paddocks.