Shoei Releases New Sheen Colorway for Z-8 Helmet

Shoei, a renowned helmet manufacturer, offers a diverse range of helmets for various motorcycling disciplines. Their Z-8 model, in particular, is a popular choice among sport riders. To give this helmet a fresh update, Shoei has introduced a new color option called "Sheen." While the Sheen colorway features a glossy finish, its design goes beyond mere shine. The two-tone color scheme gives the helmet a sporty and elegant appearance, with a hint of retro inspiration. Additionally, the gradient edges of the color add depth and visual interest to the overall look.

The Sheen graphic is available in two color options: blue and red, both complemented by black and white accents. These new colorways will be released in Japan by November 2023, with prices starting at 68,200 yen (approximately $427 USD).

In terms of specifications, the Shoei Z-8 Sheen retains the same features as other variations of the Z-8 model. It boasts Shoei's Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) plus multi-fiber shell, ensuring a lightweight yet effective impact absorption. The helmet also provides ample ventilation for optimal airflow during warmer rides. The interior is equipped with removable and washable liners for added durability. The visor offers a wide field of view and is compatible with an anti-fog lens. The Z-8 Sheen is available in sizes ranging from S (55 centimeters) to XXL (63 centimeters).

Please note that Shoei's helmet models may vary in different international markets. For instance, the Z-8 mentioned above is sold as the NXR2 in other regions, featuring the same technical specifications. For more information on Shoei's products, visit their official website and select your specific region. Alternatively, you can contact your nearest gear retailer.